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FAQs related to Aptive Pest Control Pricing

Aptive Pest Control or officially known as Aptive Environmental has established itself as one of the leading pest control companies in North America within a short period. Aptive has demonstrated a commitment toward some of the finest customer service in the industry. Currently, the company is not available in all states of the U.S., but with every passing year, they are introducing new cities and hubs to reach a large section of customers.

Since its launch, the rising star has shown vast growth and earned its place in one of the largest pest control in the world. Aptive mainly focuses on the usage of eco-friendly methods to minimize the risk to the environment and humans’ health.

Aptive Pest Control has an extensive and ever-growing customer base throughout the nation, but it’s quite often that new users get confused about the cost of their services. So, if you have some questions about Aptive Pest Control Pricing, you end up in the right place. Here, we tried to cover all important questions related to Aptive Pest Control Pricing to clear your confusion.

What Kind of Services Aptive Offers?

While searching for Aptive Pest Control Pricing, it’s very important to have a look at its service and treatment menu, which will help you to understand their cost structure. Aptive offer pest control solution for a variety of pests including:

CockroachesMiceSlugs and snails

Aptive Pest Control does not provide a list of treatment options, but they promise to offer you the most environmentally safe and effective pest control solution to get rid of the problem. Although the list does not include files or mosquitoes, you can make a more specific pest control treatment plan through their customer support.

What Factors affect the Aptive Pest Control Pricing of a Service?

In the pest control industry, the price of service differ due to numerous factors, so it’s very hard to compare or offer an estimated rate in advance. Therefore, like other leading companies, Aptive Pest Control Pricing depends on the below-mentioned factors:

Type of Pest- There is no specific list of species that can consider as pests. Although, pest can be defined as those animals or plants that impact adversely on human activities. Plus, pests species and nature, decide the level of damage and risk, so one type of treatment or solution can’t work on all pests. Therefore, the type of pest plays an important role in Aptive Pest Control Pricing.

Size of the Property– The property or affected area is the key factor in Aptive Pest Control Pricing because larger premises require a huge quantity of pesticides and material to cover.

Season– Pest Activity differs depending on the place and season. For example, summer is the peak season of the pest activities thus pest control companies get service all in large number that affects the Aptive Pest Control Pricing. Its simple logic, when demand rises but supply stays limited, it increases the price.

Location- Areas with humid, semi-humid, tropical, and warm temperature are most affected one by pests. Thus, it’s very common for residents of such places to face multiple species infestation. To handle such a situation, pest control companies need to do special or extra treatments. That’s why Aptive Pest Control Pricing for such places might a little higher.

Ease of Access– Some locations like the attic, rain pipes, and roofs are difficult or access in comparison to other places like windows and rooms, which require special equipment to do the job. Therefore, accessibility also plays an important role in Aptive Pest Control Pricing.

Types of Pesticides– Some pesticides are more dangerous than the pest itself; these chemicals can harm the health of humans or pests and leave marking on property. That’s why Aptive more focuses on eco-friendly methods and solutions to minimize such risks. Plus, not one type of material can be effective on all types of pests. Thus, the type of pesticide also affects Aptive Pest Control Pricing.

Does Company offer free re-treatment or work guarantee?

Well, this is also a very important point to discuss whether Aptive offer work guarantee or not because if they do not, it can increase total Aptive Pest Control Pricing for entire treatment (including initial and re-treatment). Well, Aptive offers a 100% work satisfaction guarantee for all customers. Experts will come back for free to complete extra treatments if a pest issue arises between quarterly appointments.

Does Aptive offer Discounts?

Yes, Aptive is a new company founded in 2015, and keen on continued growth. So, they offer seasonal discounts as well as online coupons codes for the new customer. Thus, Aptive Pest Control Pricing is affordable.

Does Aptive offer an Annual Contract?

Yes, Aptive has an annual contract that includes an initial inspection and five scheduled services throughout the year. Since the plan comes with a quarterly installment payment option, customers have the option to cancel the annual contract with a cancellation fee.

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