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Why Should You Choose Aptive Pest & Termite Control Service?

Termites do not cause any diseases but they provide a lot of damage to the property. Termites eat 24 hours every day and they never sleep until they die. So to remove them you need to hire expert exterminators. At Aptive Pest & Termite Control Service, you will get a customized and affordable plan for the treatment of termites. 

Aptive provides you the environmentally eco-friendly treatments and guarantees you for the pest-free house. When you will contact us, we send our trained and licensed technicians for inspection of your property. As per the inspection, we offer the treatment plan that best suits your house and your budget. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality service.

Introduction of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control was founded by David Royce in 2015. Aptive has also received the award of ‘Fastest Growing Service Company in America’. It has 39 branches in more than 3,700 cities across North America. Till now, Aptive has provided its excellent services to more than 2 million customers. 

Recently, PCT Magazine has given Aptive, 7th rank in the world’s largest pest control service rankings. Aptive Environmental believes in providing environmentally responsible pest services to the customers. Aptive Pest Control is a proud partner of EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and United Nation’s ‘Nothing But Nets campaign’. We annually donate in the campaign to help them to fight malaria. 

Services of Aptive Pest & Termite Control

Our certified and professional technicians have provided over 1 million services. Removal of termites needs to done by the experts as they build colonies like ants and other pests. Our goals are to provide quality service to our customers. We provide a comprehensive plan called Four season plan which includes 5 services. Our services include the given below methods: 

  1. Free Inspection of your property
  2. Treatment as per specific needs
  3. Effective and guaranteed pest free result

Unlike other pests, Termites are not easy to remove. It is not easy to detect termites until it is widespread and already has caused damage. That’s why we use the best quality pest as required.

Almost every pest control company differs concerning the specific types of pests in their services. Our company is committed to EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), so we use eco-friendly products in order to protect your family and home. 

Types of Treatments

As there are different types of species of termites. In these species there some species which are considered as pests like Subterranean Termites and no-tent Drywood Termite. These termites are treated differently with different pests.  

  1.  Subterranean termites treatment – to remove these termites liquid termiticides are used. They create barriers to protect the structure and prevent to enter them again. 
  2. Drywood Termite – Drywood termites required different treatment. They build colonies inside the woods and floors, which need to be removed by professionals only. It is not easy to remove them from homemade solutions.  

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