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Termites Exterminator

Suspecting the termites indoor can be a warning of the infestation of pests in your property. Termites destroy billion of dollars property every year, that’s why it’s required quick treatment. When you will hire Aptive Pest Control, we will provide you the team of professionals to serve you the top quality service. 

Working with professionals and well-trained technicians minimize some of the problems. At Aptive you will get convenient and reliable customer services. Aptive helpdesk is always there to help you. If you want to hire an exterminator, always go with the experts and professionals. 

Why Contact Aptive Pest Control For Termite Exterminator?

Aptive Pest Control is providing its excellent service in more than 3,700 cities across North America from 2015. Recently Aptive has secured the rank of seventh in the world’s largest pest control service in PCT Magazine’s Top rankings. Aptive Environmental believes in providing environmentally responsible pest services to the customers.

When you will Aptive Pest control, professionals will explain you the customized Termite exterminator plan. We also provide you the pest-free guarantee. In case due to any factor, the problem re-occurs during the course, we also ensure you to re-do it without extra charging. We are also a proud member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. To stop the spread of malaria, we have partnered with United Nation’s ‘Nothing But Nets campaign’.

Aptive provides a comprehensive year-round pest control plan which comes under your budget and is eco-friendly. Termite quickly spread and damage your property, so to eliminate them you need professionals. Our team has assisted millions of services to serve the top quality service. We provide free indoor and outdoor inspections of the property according to which treatment plan is created. After an inspection, the treatment plan is treated as per the specific needs of your property. We provide the best quality service to keep you pest free and ensure the safety of your family and your house.

Fact You Should Know About Termite 

You can suspects the termites if you see a buckle or sag on floor, loose tiles, pinpoint holes in drywall, or damaged wood crumbles. Here are some facts that you should know about termites if they are damaging your property: 

  1. Termites are present on earth in over 2,700 different species. Some species build their colonies in woods and floors and destroys the property. 
  2. According to surveys, each year, termites damage the property of around 5 million dollars. 
  3. Termites build their colonies 24 hours as they never sleep. They work until they die. 
  4. To communicate with each other termites uses vibrations. Whenever they detect a threat, they bang their head against the colony’s wall. 
  5. Termites shed their wings after they found the a good place or colony to live and eat. 
  6. Termites usually don’t carry any diseases but provide a lot of expensive damage of a property.